How Ayurveda overcomes the issue related to PCOS or PCOD?

How Ayurveda overcomes the issue related to PCOS or PCOD?

According to Ayurveda there are three doshas which functions our organs properly.  Basically there are three doshas namely vatta, kapha and pitta. If all these three doshas have perfect balance in between then you are a healthy individual.

Now, let us understand what is shukra dhatu? It is nothing but the semen present in men as well as in women. Male and female hormones helps in reproduction system. Any disturbance to shukra dhatu may lead to problems or issues related to PCOD or PCOS

There are different symptomatic which may result due to PCOS

1. It may lead to an increased wait for an unavoidable increase weight which may lead to an obesity.

2.Many a time women faces irregular periods and when it tend to happen more often this is a sign indicating you might have the issue of PCOS for PCOD.

3. Sometimes abdominal pelvic pain is causing during the periods or you might encounter missing periods is again indication of PCOS or PCOD issue.

4. Stress and psychologically uncontrollable emotional instances symbolises the issue of PCOS for PCOD in women.

5. Sometimes it has been observed many women and counters the issue of abdominal cramps during menstrual periods. They might feel it for longer duration, many time doctors ask an ultrasound report for that and it seem that they developed some rest inside their endometrial area or ovaries.

6. In the current time scenario we know that out of every four women one is a suffering from infertility issues. Now days, infertility issues are encountered and they face problems related to conception of baby.

7. Skin tags are also noticed while understanding the issues related to PCOS.

8. Sometimes, your face starts looking very dull and you may notice acne on your face so it is again a sign of a PCOS or PCOD problems.

9. Many women encounter the issue of decrease in healthy sleeping hours. Healthy sleep hour for a woman is 8 to 10 hours which goes on diminishing in this issue.

Ayurveda as a crystal healing for PCOS

Ayurveda has its holistic method of treatment which is namely "Artava Vaha Sroto Dushti"

There are different parameters in which we observe the Artava Vaha Sroto Dushti:

1. Rasa Vaha Sroto Dushti

2. Medo Vaha Sroto Dushti

3. Artava kshaya

4. Anartava

In Ayurveda we have the treatment of PCOS which goes from 3 to 12 months of time. It depends on the level of the issue you are encountering with the infertility or PCOS different issues. There might be different process of its medications which can be implied in different various steps as per the need of patient's health issue. This process can be performed as following:

1. Ayurveda doctors may give you few Ayurveda tablets and syrups which are 100% safe for the body. It may continue from one month 3 to 6 months also is the patient needs the medication.

2. Doctors may prescribe few diet which has to be followed strictly such as not eating red meat. Sea foods are more preferred over other meats.

3. No consumption of deep fried foods specially made with refined oils and dalda.

4. It may be prescribed by the doctor to consume good quality desi cow ghee is absolutely perfect for balancing the disturbed lifestyle.

5. Minimal consumption of dairy products may be also given searches no consumption of curd while you can consume buttermilk.

6. Processed or packaged food must be avoided for treating PCOD in Ayurveda because such foods are not real at all we should try to adopt eating habit which are real foods. Now what are these real foods it may be sprouted grains, salads.

7. Non citrus food may be also helpful give me at more non citrus food to your diet in order to improve the fertility in your body.

8. No consumption of alcohol should be done because Ayurveda follows a strict diet plant which should be nature friendly so all such habits should be avoided.

9. Try to avoid long working hours and disturbing the sleep pattern of your life. If you are suffering from a PCOS for PCOD problem then all you need to do is to follow a healthy life routine and sleeping is one of the important key factor to improvise your health issue.

10. You should avoid taking yourself into arguments or stress, a peaceful mind is much needed to treat this hormonal imbalance problem because when we are more stressed our hormones are disturbed.

11. Avoid consumption of excess caffeine to your body because it again leaves a bad impression on your body while treating with PCOS or PCOD.

12. Healthy yoga routine is must for the body. There are few yoga postures which may be prescribed by the centres associated with Ayurveda Doctors.

13. Herbs like fennel seeds, sesame seeds, ginger, and cinnamon do really miraculous benefit to health.

Sometimes along with following this healthy lifestyles, PCOD may take long time to get cured from your body. In these cases, Ayurveda follows other ways out which can be as following: These treatments include the process of introducing internal medicine to the body. Raktmoshana allows the process of removing dushita rakta with vitalated issues. Panchakarma which again comprises of Vamana, Virechana, Nasya Karma, Raktamokshan, Vasti Karma-Vttar Vasti.

These all procedure help in comprehensive balancing of hormones in the body and taking out the impure blood out of the body.